Willow’s Kayaking Adventure

Willow’s Kayaking Adventure

Last Wednesday we ventured out to the Water Adventure Centre (WAC) in Droylsden with the young people from the Monday Group. For those that haven’t heard of it before, it’s a registered charity that offer a certain amount of free sessions for youth and community groups, of up to 15 people aged 8 and above.

We hopped into a minibus, with a bag full of drinks and snacks for the journey and headed out to Droylsden. After a taxi journey full of laughter and story-telling we scoped out the water adventure centre and met our kayak instructor, Mike, before heading out for some food. With 2 hours to spare before the activity we settled down in The Beehive Inn, for a diet coke and some hot food. The food was delicious, and the staff were so friendly!

Once we had eaten and finished our drinks we walked back to the centre, singing songs from musicals; from Hairspray to the Greatest Showman. We were all really excited as we put our buoyancy aids on and were told about the activity ahead. Mike explained (through jokes and puns) how to get into the kayak and the rules that went alongside kayaking in the canal and then told us all to grab a kayak. Karen and I stood beside the young people as they got into their kayaks; all of them independent and not wanting help which was fantastic! Karen overcame a fear of the water by getting into a kayak and trying it out; an amazing step for her and something we are all extremely proud of.

The session was amazing for confidence-building, team work and raising the young people’s self-esteem. The laughter rippled up the canal as they were racing, jumping and splashing about. They were also very intuitive and creative with their games and water challenges. Sad faces emerged when we were told there were 5 minutes left of the session; the young people asked if we could book to go again soon! A massive success and an incredible experience. We were so proud of our group for not only the way they behaved but also for how they stepped out of their comfort zone, challenged themselves and looked out for each other.

Thank you to WAC for letting us come kayaking; we can’t wait for our next visit! Most of all, we want to thank our young people for making it such a great day!

Willow x


Here are some photos from our day out




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