Self-Care Campaign

Self-care is one of, if not the best way to take care of our mental health. Many people have different understandings of what self-care means, but we believe self-care is any act or behaviour done to make yourself feel better. So what could that be? Having a bath, buying new clothes, listening to some music… etc. Basically, self-care is about looking after your mind, being kind to yourself, and doing something you enjoy, and then being able to offer that care to others.

This Self-Care Campaign may only be short but we want to encourage you to make self-care a life-long habit and a lifestyle, rather than a short-term decision.

Week 1 – Make time for yourself and make time for others

Week 2 – Listen to what you need and listen to others

Week 3 – Stay connected to people – phones can be beneficial for staying connected!

Week 4 – Offer a helping hand

Week 5 – Socialise – go for a chat over coffee

Week 6 – Support each other

Week 7 – Show that you care

Week 8 – Speak and share (with someone you trust!)

Week 9 – Compliment, praise, and encourage (not just others, but give yourself a compliment)

Week 10 – Walk and talk

Week 11 – Do some sports/exercise

Week 12 – Have fun!

Week 13 – Plan and think ahead

Week 14 – Play music to make you smile

Week 15 – Time to think of your own…


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