Willow Project

Willow Project has been set up to provide counselling for young people.

Willow Project is a registered charity and our main work is offering counselling and support to children and young people, aged 6-19 who are affected by emotional and mental health issues.

Willow Project sees young people for counselling up to the age of 19, with counselling being solely between the counsellor and the young person. As long as we think that they’re old enough (13+) and it’s the right decision for them, young people can come to Willow without family, school or their G.P. knowing about it. All other young people can get whoever looks after them to make an appointment with us.

Please note: The waiting list to see one of our counsellors is currently around 6 months long.

We offer this to anyone living in the Wigan borough, and this includes Leigh, Tyldesley and Atherton. 

For those that access us for counselling, we also run a weekly support group on Mondays during term time and this is for young people aged 12+. We do different things in the group, including cooking/baking, making things, chatting, playing games and most importantly having fun. We also have day trips, i.e. kayaking and the theatre.

To help support the family, we also offer one to one counselling to parents/carers of the young people that access us, with adults being seen on a different day to the young person.

As well as counselling, we also run mental health awareness workshops under our Talk and Listen Campaign (TLC). To find out more please visit the TLC section on our website.  

Please see below when counselling sessions and the weekly support group occur.


Counselling: 3-8pm

Support Group: 6-8pm


Counselling: 3-8pm

If you want to support us, you can volunteer for us. You can find a link to our volunteer form at the bottom of our website. This link will take you to an online application form. It only takes 5 minutes! Volunteer for us and add to your CV!