Talk and Listen Campaign

This is a new project called the Talk and Listen Campaign (TLC), which is funded by Wigan Council’s ‘The Deal’.  It is a project which aims to raise Mental Health awareness with young people and the adults that support them within their community groups.


The first of these workshops is to raise awareness with young people, who can then go on to attend a second workshop which gives them the confidence to start conversations about mental health with their peers within the community group. There is also a specific workshop for leaders/ parents/managers/coaches to attend and looks at various aspects of supporting young people and the current climate of mental health and our young people.


These free, interactive workshops can be brought to your group and last for 1.5 hours. The Talk and Listen Campaign can form part of any club’s wellbeing development scheme and fits nicely with a club’s pastoral and safeguarding policy.


If you are interested in receiving these workshops, please contact Willow Project on 01942 679300 / 07754597646 or by email to and we can arrange for someone from Willow to come and visit you to discuss the workshops in detail.