The Willow Project has been set up to provide counselling for young people.

The service is available to young people aged up to 19 years old throughout the Wigan Borough.

Young people are invited to self refer or referrals can be made by parents or professionals provided they first have consent from the young people. 


Referrals should be made by completing a online Referral Form.

When a referral has been received an assessment will be carried out by one of our Counsellors. 

Once completed arrangements will be made for the counselling to begin.

Counselling takes place at a suitable venue, which is agreed between the counsellor and the young person. 
This could be at their school, a community building or at our premises.

What Counselling Involves

Person centred counselling provides a safe environment for clients to explore their own thoughts and feelings.

By demonstrating congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard and using a non directive approach, individuals are empowered to find their own solutions to their problems.

Young people should not be “sent” for counselling but should come because they choose to do so.