Parents / Carers


It can be difficult trying to support children and young people by yourself, but you can get support for them and also support for you too at Willow Project.

You can refer your child/young person to us yourself without any other professional getting involved, such as your doctor or school, as long as the young person knows that you have referred them and they want to come. All that you need to do is fill in a referral form and it will come straight to us and this can be found at the top of the page when you click on the header. We will then add them to our waiting list, but you need to know that this is very long and it could be some time before they are seen. We are a charity and rely on donations, so we don’t always have enough money to see everyone that’s waiting to see a counsellor (If you would like to pay privately for sessions, then this can be arranged and would alleviate the waiting time. Please contact the office for further details).

If the young person is aged 12 and over they can come along to our weekly group on Mondays in Atherton from 6-8pm. Please contact the office to see if there are any places on 01942 679300 or 07754597646.

Emotional and mental health issues can impact on others in the family and if you are struggling yourself, then as a parent/carer of a young person that has been referred to us, you can access our adult service. The referral form for this is also at the top of this page and can be found by clicking on the header. All adults are seen on a separate evening to young people, so that confidentiality can be maintained, which means that your child wouldn’t know that you are accessing us, unless you choose to tell them.

All counselling sessions, whether for a young person or yourself are one to one, last 50 minutes and are at the same place, time and day every week. We only offer individual counselling, so families can’t be seen together.