Young People

Young People

It can be hard asking for and getting help when you’re struggling with issues, so you’ve made the first step in helping yourself by visiting our website. Before you make the next step, here’s a little bit about what counselling is and how Willow works.


First of all, we are a confidential service and if we think that you’re old enough (usually around the age of 14) and counselling is the right type of help for you, then you can get help from us without your parents/carers or anyone else knowing. We would only let someone know that you’re getting support from us if we thought that you or someone else that you told us about were in danger. If we don’t think that you’re old enough, then we would need permission from whoever looks after you before you could start getting help from us.


When you start seeing a counsellor, it will just be you and them, with the counselling session lasting for 50 minutes. They will see you either at our main base in Atherton or at Platt Bridge and they will see you at the same place, time and day each week for as long as you need support from them.


The way that we work is that you talk about the things that are important to you without us judging or telling you what to do.


If you don’t think that counselling is for you, then there are other things and ways to help yourself. Take a look at the TLC section’s ‘Ways to help yourself’.


If you do think that counselling is for you, fill in the referral form from the drop down box at the head of this page.


Once you’ve filled it in, we will put you on our waiting list but you need to know that at the moment, it’s very long so you may have to wait a while. If you’re aged 12 and over you can come along to our weekly group on Mondays in Atherton from 6-8pm. If you fancy this, then please ring us up first to see if we have any places, as it’s only a small group (and very welcoming!).